Whether it’s analysing stallions or a sale, G1 Goldmine has all the reports in one place.

Broodmare Analysis Report

A detailed report identifying the top 40 stallions for your mare based on a set of criteria determined by you. Each report includes a list of stakes winners with similar pedigrees, our Aptitude graph indicating past stakes winning performance for age & distance, as well as our unique 5x4 Impact Profile analysis - which highlights positive and negative crosses within the pedigree.


Pedigree X-Ray

You can now harness the power of G1 Goldmine's analysis into a single page. Perfect for individual horse analysis including hypothetical matings, named racehorses or broodmares. Know if your horse truly has any negative crosses and more.


Sales Catalogue

Many leading bloodstock agents rely on G1 Goldmine's Sales Catalogue analysis to make their sales inspections more efficient. Focus on the lots that have proven pedigrees going back 5 generations. Further enhance your desire for the perfect staying or sprinting aptitude.


Stallion Affinity

This comprehensive report will identify key ancestral affinities to give the knowledge of what is working and what is not!


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