What do our customers like about G1 Goldmine?

G1 Goldmine® is the world's leading Pedigree System for thoroughbred breeders

  • "On the 4x4, they are awesome, and it¹s interesting to watch the progression of best sires for particular mares as the body of performance data grows each year." - Mark Secrest, New York
  • "Thanks Leo ! Your workshop really inspired me." - Douglas Brown, Little Man Farm, Baltimore
  • "Red Rock Canyon sired his first Grade1 winner in Gavea Rio De Janeiro on 12th June 16, when I planned the mating, the deciding factor turned out to be G1's rating. You can also pat yourself on the back as the "red dots" indicate that he would probably need 1600 meters at 4 years and up" - Les Harlow, Haras las Madres, Brazil
  • "I think the 4x4 is a great tool and I like that you added in the number of stakes wins, especially on the Xs. G1Goldmine is hands down the best in my opinion." - Dave Whitford, Sam-Son farm, Canada
  • "I just want to say what a fantastic program you've developed and how much it's helped me. I've gained a lot of respect in the South African racing industry and it is all thanks to you." - Chris Swart, Equine Pedigree Analyst, South Africa
  • "I confess to still playing with the website at midnight last night and starting again as soon as I woke up this morning - it's fantastic!" - Gill Bostwick, Diddestone Stud, UK
  • "My racing operation Darius Racing is this year's leading owner in Germany. So far we won the German Derby and three other group races. We use goldmine routinely in our purchases" - Dr Stefan Oschmann, Germany
  • "I love it - I use it several times a day! - Mark Byrne, Ballylinch Stud, Ireland
  • "Loving the program. I'm a complete convert to G1G. Amazing. May test my marriage in the future !!!"
    - Steve Hawkins, RadioTAB, Australia
  • "Wonderful software, I used it to breed SEA THE MOON and now it's helping me select mares for him. - Heike Bischoff, Gorlsdorf Stud, Germany
  • "I must admit, it’s a boring day if I can’t work on my Goldmine, the info I get out of it is unbelievable and gives me some hope for the future if I find G1 pedigrees that match my mares." - Pierre du Toit, South Africa
  • "A huge THANKS, for the recent seminar you did here in Maryland, it was super informative, and I’ve been having loads of fun running 4X4’s, and other matches." - Sallyellen Hurst,Pedigree Research Analyst, Country Life Farm, Maryland
  • "I really enjoyed the last workshop, you have completely changed the way I look at future mating plans. I THANK YOU for opening my eyes." - Ingrid Eyding, small breeder, NSW, Australia
  • "I have had hours and hours of absorbing fun with Goldmine when I should have been doing all sorts of other things. It is very addictive. Thanks for a great course." - Jane Maggswi, small breeder, UK
  • "Keith, I really like your format and product. Used it for my mare 'Pamper' (Pins/Gio) to send her to Postponed, really helped in my choice thank you. Will definitely purchase your product b4 the next breeding season next year Keep up the good work :)" - Sasha Gandy, small breeder, New Zealand
  • "Thanks for putting on an excellent workshop - I really enjoyed it. I had been a very superficial user (which I didn't know until yesterday!), and am looking forward to exploring more of the features." - John Crowe, Empire Equines, Florida
  • "I can't tell you how much I loved your seminars in Lexington and Del Mar this past week. G1 Goldmine is a fabulous program and it will be of invaluable assistance to me in years to come" - Debbie Barkley, Ranch Hills Farm, California, USA
  • "Can't do without my Goldmine. I use the program daily and have recommended it frequently." - Jeanne Davis, Nominations Manager, Ballena Vista Farm, California
  • "Dear Goldmine team, I owe you a sincere thank you. Coolmore gave me a fantastic deal with Lookin at Lucky in November based upon my mare being a G1 Goldmine 20/20 match. Yes!!! Thank you again" -Lonnie Leavitt, Small Breeder, Missouri
  • "I just would like you to know I very much enjoyed the workshop this past week in LA. Very instructive and will make it a part of my breeding and buying and claiming strategy.Thanks again" - Ray Campbell, small breeder, Mississippi

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