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By harnessing the power of data, G1 Goldmine is designed to give you a competitive edge in thoroughbred breeding

G1 Goldmine is the leading strategic pedigree system for thoroughbred breeders with over 9,000 members in 26 different counties including some of the world’s elite breeders.

G1 Goldmine has now evolved into a global brand within the pedigree analysis sector. In a typical week, members from 12 different countries perform over 4,000 Stallion Matches (matching their mares against stallions) as well as over 1,200 Pedigree Searches (searching for successful pedigree patterns).

No more guessing when breeding racehorses, G1 Goldmine members can find the perfect stallion for their mare with a proven pedigree cross.


Superior horses through superior breeding

View from G1 Goldmine's Pedigree Search

Pedigree search

Search any location in the pedigree

Search any combination of sires and view how many stakes wins relate to that combination. Pedigree Search will provide you with a list of horses bred on that cross, show you all their pedigrees, as well as a list of the races each horse won.

View from a global list of graded stakes winners

Pedigree search

Research pedigree patterns

Clearly identify successful breeding patterns from key data points including total stakes winners, G1/Runners strike rates, Stakes winners/Runners strike rates, Male to Female split and more.

View from an in-depth Aptitude Profile

Pedigree search

Know the Age and Distance of every pedigree

Know the age, country, sex, distance, surface and stakes level for every pedigree search. Age and Distance data points are visualised in G1 Goldmine's Aptitude Profile.

Stallion Match®


Stallion Match® provides a hypothetical mating that shows graded stakes winners from around the world with a similar pedigree to your proposed mating. Your breeding plans should look to replicate pedigrees of champion runners and the analysis should look at the male & female pedigree. Many farms have sponsored their stallions meaning this feature is free from their websites.

View from Stallion Match®

Stallion Match®

Replicate stakes winning pedigrees

A comprehensive global list of graded stakes winners with a similar pedigree. An included Aptitude Profile snapshot clearly shows the hypothetical matings stakes winning success with age over distance.

View stakes winners with similar pedigree patterns

Stallion Match®

The 20/20 & Perfect Match

Try and find the elusive 20/20 Match as well as the Perfect Match. This is where the hypothetical mating searched has matched ancestors within certain areas of a pedigree with multiple graded stakes winners. Contact the farm directly regarding your hypothetical mating.

View of a Perfect Match

View of an Outstanding Impact Profile: Country House (USA)

Horse information

Impact Analysis

The Impact Analysis is an advanced mating system that shows positive and negative impact scores when combining key locations within a pedigree. See what impact a sire and dam sire have had when combined. Colour coded for ease – chase the gold and stay clear of red.

Compare two sets of pedigrees to find similarities

Horse Information

Identify Pedigree Overlaps

Look for pedigree overlaps between two horses in the Side-by-Side feature. Find pedigree similarities between your hypothetical matings and champion race horses to increase your chance. See the difference between similar locations as well as exact locations of ancestors within a pedigree.

Run multiple Impact Profiles from a Sponsored farms roster at once

Horse Information

Roster mating

Experience the power of automation by analysing your mare against up to 5 selected stallions from a single stud/farm in one process. This will show the clear differences in affinities with your mare; that is which stallion has the highest stakes winning success.

Realtime Data Updates

Personalised Dashboard

Our new personalised dashboard allows customisation and tracking thats important to you. Sire's, Dam Sire's, tracking your mares stakes winning updates with Family tracking and more!

An example Dashboard

Family Tracking

Follow every Stakes update

Add you mares in Family tracking and receive stakes winning updates when their has been a result. Results can be filtered from 2011 for individual mares or your complete band.

Find extended information for each result including grade of race, date, location and name of race as well as which of your mares is referenced.

Detailed Family Tracking

Family Tracking

5 Generation Search

Family Tracking will look to match any recent stakes winner with your mares up to 5 generations. Easily identify who the common ancestor is between your mare and the stakes winning horse!

It Pays To Look Back

20/20 broodmare analysis

This comprehensive report gives you a unique and informed insight into the hypothetical mating of the top 40 Stallions with your Broodmare. Refine your search by region & service fee. The report includes a list of graded stakes winners of horses with a similar pedigree pattern.

See at what age and distance the pedigree has had stakes success as well as a 5x4 Impact Analysis for each mating.

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About G1 racesoft

G1 Racesoft Pty Ltd is an Australian based company with a primary focus on developing pedigree-centric software and services for thoroughbred breeders.

The business was started in 2006 by a group of software and horse breeding enthusiasts that loved researching pedigrees. G1 Goldmine is our primary product and since its launch has evolved continually adding new features and functionality.

In 2020 it was relaunched with numerous improvements including a new user interface and capability to run seamlessly across all devices from desktop, to tablet to smart phone.

Our Team

G1 Racesoft Pty Ltd is an Australian-based company with a primary focus on developing pedigree-centric software and services for thoroughbred breeders.

Matthew Ennis
Managing Director

John McDonald
Finance Director

Farid Raisi
Systems Engineer

Chester Ze
Full Stake Developer


Zac Pan
Junior Data Administrator