We have created a range of tutorials to help members of all levels get the most out of G1 Goldmine

  • Dashboard

    Introducing the G1 Goldmine Dashboard

    A brief overview of what the dashboard is and how to begin setup to allow you to track sires and dam sires.


    Personalise your own dashboard

    Add Sires, Dam Sires and Mares to your My Horses list and watch your dashboard come alive.


    Assistance is NEVER far away

    We understand that sometimes things can get tricky, so we now have more ways for you to contact us.

  • Pedigree Search

    Pedigree Search Introduction

    Learn how to research the effectiveness of ancestors individually or in combination with others with ease.


    Understanding 'Q' & 'H'

    G1 Goldmine divides a pedigree into Halves (H) and Quartiles (Q). Find out more here with an example search.


    Search Using 'Q'

    Learn how to divide and search a pedigree using Quartiles.


    Search Using the Pedigree Chart

    Search using any of the 62 locations of a pedigree.


    The Sireline & Male/Female Strains

    Search sire lines as well as both male and female strains of a pedigree.


    The Stakes Winners Table

    View a list of stakes winners that match your search criteria including their sex, year of birth and results.


    Know Your Stats

    Key stats for each Pedigree Search include SW/Rnrs %, G1W/Rnrs %, sex split and more.


    The Pedigree Chart

    Additional information can be found within the pedigree charts scattered around G1 Goldmine


    Understanding VGS

    An algorithm that measures the strength of a cross by comparing the expected number of stakes winners to what was actually achieved.


    Affinity Matrix

    Find a list of common ancestors on the opposite side of your search.


    Using the GEN Search

    The GEN Search allows you to search for patterns by generations rather than through male and female strains.


    Aptitude Profile

    Identify what distance and age a search has achieved in terms of stakes winning results.

  • Stallion Match

    Stallion Match Explained

    Find out why Stallion Match is one of the most popular matching service in the world. Easy to use, quick and accurate!


    Completing a basic search

    See how easy it is to complete a search within Stallion Match and get closer to finding your Perfect Match!


    The Stakes Winners Table

    View a list of stakes winners that have a similar pedigree to that of your hypothetical search and identify how close the pedigree really is!


    Aptitude Profile

    The age and winning distance is visualised of all stakes winners with a similar pedigree to that of your hypothetical search.


    Unlock the Power of Stallion Match

    Being a member unlocks Stallion Match so you are able to use Stallion Match with ANY Stallion in the world.


    Sponsored Stallion Search

    When a farm sponsors their stallion with G1 Goldmine, the stallion is able to be searched worldwide FREE!

  • Horse Information

    Horse Information Explained

    Horse Information contains some very powerful tools including the Impact Analysis and Distance Profile.


    Performing A Search

    Performing a search in Horse Information can be simple and highly effective for both named horses and hypothetical matings.


    The Impact Analysis / Profile

    Learn how to read an Impact Profile including understanding the values, colour codes and how to dive deeper within Pedigree Search.


    The TIGHT Impact Analysis

    Learn how to refine your Impact Analysis using the TIGHT feature. This looks at the pedigree in terms of quartiles rather than halves.


    Distance Profile of A Horse

    Display the volume of success the pedigree has had over specific distances using 5 key ancestor locations.


    Side-By-Side Comparison

    Visually compare the pedigree of two horses including both named horses and hypothetical matings.


    How To Add A Horse

    Adding a horse to use within G1 Goldmine is easy and instantly selectable within your searches.


    Stallion Roster Mating

    How to run an impact Profile with your mare against up to 5 stallion from a single farm - in one search!

  • Family Tracking

    What Is Female Family Tracking?

    Here we run through what exactly Female Family is, how it works and what it can do for you if you currently have mares.


    Adding & Tracking Mares

    Find out our easy it is to add and track mares within Female Family Tracking. You can view up to 4 generations of stakes winning updates for the tale female line.


    Understanding The Results

    You can view EVERY stakes winner that has a common ancestor within 4 generations to your tracked mares. This can be further refined by using the search filters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

  • What is G1 Goldmine?

    G1 Goldmine is a platform for advanced pedigree analysis offering tools to identify winning pedigree patterns, research in-depth pedigree centric information and identify superior hypothetical matings.

  • Who can use G1 Goldmine?

    We have users all around the world including owners, breeders, studs/farms and racing enthusiasts.

  • What are the main advantages of G1 Goldmine?

    G1 Goldmine allows you to clearly identify which pedigrees have been successful and which have not, based on up to date information.

  • How often is your data updated?

    Our extensive database is currently updated weekly including all major racing jurisdiction world wide. We will be including more countries as they become avaliable.

  • How do I become a G1 Goldmine member?

    We have a subscription to suite everyone including a Fundamentals membership which includes the nessesities and a Pro for the more seasoned breeder. Both have flexible payment options including annual and monthly.


Using G1 Goldmine

Couldn't find an answer? Contact our friendly staff with your question and we will be happy to assist.